The Benefits of Recurring Pest Control

Posted by David Outhous on Aug 21, 2020 9:00:00 AM

Preventative pest control helps keep your home free of pests year-round. However, you must follow the instructions for recurring preventative pest control to be effective. You must also use chemicals that are effective. When you set up a schedule for recurring pest control with RichPro Pest Management, you will not only prevent pests from entering your home, but you will save money because we spray on time and with effective chemicals.

Preventative Pest Control

Part of preventative pest control is keeping your home unattractive to pests. While that does not deter all pests on its own – you need additional pest control measures – it goes a long way in helping prevent bugs and rodents from entering your home. To help with pest control:

  • Make sure pests do not have food and water sources. Repair leaky pipes and make sure your basement or crawlspace is dry. Remove old tires, planting pots and other items that hold water away from the house.

  • Keep food stored in plastic and glass airtight containers. You should even place pasta, rice and other dry goods in airtight containers.

  • Don’t leave your pets’ food and water out overnight.

  • Pick up clutters, such as piles of magazines, cardboard and other clutter you might be storing.

  • Locate and fill in all holes and cracks where pests can enter your home, including the crawlspace.

  • Locate any leaky pipes under the house, in the basement and in your home and repair them. Bugs and rodents are attracted to water sources. Make sure you check the hot water heater and your HVAC system’s drain pipes.

  • Keep bushes, shrubs and plants trimmed away from your home. Pests, including termites, use the branches as superhighways to get access to your home.

Save Time and Money with Recurring Pest Control

When you first think of recurring pest control, your first question is probably, “How much does pest control cost?” Many factors go into pricing for recurring pest control, including what you might want to cover. RichPro’s Home Defender program has three levels: Home Defender; Home Defender Plus; and Home Defender Elite.

The basic Home Defender level, which we offer starting at $30 per month, including year-round protection, quarterly pest service, exterior and interior treatment, spiderweb removal, stinging insect removal up to 15 feet, and a pest-free guarantee. It covers over 15 pests.

The Home Defender Plus program covers everything the Home Defender program covers, but adds termite control. The Plus program starts at $46 per month. The Home Defender Elite program covers everything the Home Defender Plus program covers, plus seasonal mosquito treatments and exterior flea and tick control. The Elite program starts at $83 per month.

Contact RichPro Pest Management

RichPro Pest Management provides licensed and experienced pest control technicians who apply effective pest control management in an effective manner. You can expect solutions that are family and pet-friendly. We target only areas necessary so that your home isn’t treated with excessive chemicals. We inspect the area, identify the pest problem, select the appropriate pest control method, use at least two control methods, and apply the product judiciously.

Once we treat your home, we evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment. If you need initial pest control management and are interested in recurring pest control, contact RichPro Pest Management today.