Termite Season Is Just Around The Corner

Posted by David Outhous on Mar 11, 2020 9:00:00 AM

Keeping termites away from your home during termite season is an ongoing battle unless you take termite prevention seriously. Termites look for places to live and eat during the spring. The types of termites you should look for in the southeast include subterranean termites, drywood termites, dampwood termites, Formosan termites and conehead termites. All termites chew through wood and damage your home’s structure. Termites do over $5 billion in damage every year. Instead of being a statistic, contact RichPro Pest Management to head the swarms off this spring.

Signs of Termite Swarms

Throughout the year, you should look for signs of termites. Often, when you notice the signs, they’ve already done a ton of damage. Regular pest control helps to keep termites away – but even if you do have a pest control schedule, you should look for signs of termite colonies and swarms. Some signs include:

  • Nail-sized holes in the wood.

  • Mud tubes that the termites use to connect food sources. The mud tubes often run through the base of stairs, through ceilings and on the porch. You can even see them on tree trunks.

  • Fissures on the wood parts of your home. You might not notice them at first, as they are tunnels in the wood. You can see if the wood sounds hollow by tapping on it or by puncturing it with an awl.

  • Look for “sawdust” on the floor. This is usually termite droppings. Common places to find termite droppings are by windows and doors.

  • Pieces of broken termite wings. The swarmers sometimes break their wings. The nest could be inside or outside. If you have a pile of wood nearby, check there first. Also, look for soft ground where subterranean termites might have built a nest in the ground.

Termite Prevention

Part of termite control is keeping debris away from your house. Shrubs, debris and flowerbeds create superhighways from the ground to your house for bugs, including termites. If you have piles of wood, leaves and shrubs near your house or other buildings on your property, look for signs of termites, and then take steps to keep them away if you don’t have them, or steps to eradicate them if you do have a termite infestation. Other ways to prevent termites include:

  • If you are building a new house, shed, garage or other building, use a concrete foundation.

  • Make sure the area near buildings is properly graded so that it stays dryer. If water pools near foundations, not only could it seep inside your basement or crawlspace, but it also provides a water supply for bugs.

  • Fill cracks in cement foundations.

  • Make sure the vents in the crawlspace do not get blocked by debris and plants.

  • Repair any leaks you have in or near your house.

  • If you must have shrubs against your home, make sure they are at least a foot away. Keep them trimmed so the foliage doesn’t grow against any wood surfaces, especially if those surfaces are exposed.

  • Keep firewood piles away from the house.

Contact RichPro Pest Management

Always inspect the area around your home and outbuildings for things that attract termites, such as debris from old plants, leaves, sticks and sources of water. Remove empty flower pots and add soil near the foundation if water pools in that area. Contact RichPro Pest Management for an appointment if you see signs of termites or other bug infestations.