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DIY Rodent Control: Does It Really Work?

When you see signs of rodents, your first question is, “How to get rid of rats in house fast?” If you are using DIY pest control, you need to know where they are coming in and where they are hanging out. The trick to getting rid of rodents fast is knowing their behavior so you can put traps in places where the mice and rats will get into them.
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How To Seal Your Home From Winter Rodents

How To Seal Your Home From Winter Rodents During the winter, mice and other rodents want a place to stay out of the inclement weather, too. Your home is the perfect place for them. They find a warm, dark corner to nest in, and they have plenty of food and water. It is imperative that you seal your home against winter rodents, or you’ll be fighting them constantly. One way of mouse proofing your home is to use a foundation wrap for mice. Other ways include looking for access points and blocking them off.
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Winter Pests that Should Be On Your Radar

One question that is often on the minds of homeowners is, “Do you need to spray for bugs in the winter?” The short answer is, “Yes.” Several pests, including bugs and mice, are looking for a warm, dry place to live during the winter. You should always keep up your pest control practices, including spraying and ensuring that rodents do not have a way into your house.
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Do Electronic Rodent Repellents Really Work?

Manufacturers of any electronic rodent repellents and traps should put a disclaimer on their product that reads, “Mice are smart.” In the case of electronic rodent control products, they might work at first, but mice learn that the sound isn’t going to hurt them, so they ignore it.
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Winter Pest Prevention Tips

As the fall air begins to grow cooler, many people breathe a sigh of relief that summer pests have disappeared for a while. Unfortunately, plenty of winter pests surface during the colder months, looking for suitable food and shelter.
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Is Pest Control Necessary During the Winter?

With summer a quickly fading memory, you might think you can stop bothering with pest control concerns for a while. But without necessary prevention measures, winter pests can become a problem.
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