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Mosquito Control Methods: Residential vs. Commercial

Mosquitoes are the bane of our existence. They invade your space as if they own it. And then, since they are not happy with other food sources, they have to bite you. That red, itching bite is annoying because you are having an allergic reaction to the pest’s saliva. While that is a minor inconvenience, the diseases mosquitoes transmit are not — and could be fatal. Mosquitoes are carriers of several diseases, including West Nile virus, Zika virus, meningitis and a host of others. Not only do these pests make us sick, but they can also transmit diseases, including heartworm, to our dogs.
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What Types of Diseases do Mosquitoes Carry?

Over one million people in the world die each year from diseases they contract from mosquitoes. Some of these parasites and disease also affect horses and dogs. If you are allergic to the mosquito’s bite, you may suffer from skin irritation. The mosquito’s saliva is what causes the allergic reaction and the red bumps and itching. Protozoan diseases such as malaria and viruses such as encephalitis and dengue affect humans. Filarial diseases such as heartworm affect horses and dogs.
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Mosquito Season in Virginia: Mosquito Types

All regions of the United States have mosquitoes. About 170 different types of mosquitoes make the U.S. their homes. Several types of mosquitoes make their homes in Virginia. The most common types are the Asian tiger mosquito, Asian rock pool mosquito, yellow fever mosquito, the banded spring mosquito, Eastern treehole mosquito, flood-water mosquito, the Vexans mosquito and the Northern house mosquito. The mosquito bites itch and, if the mosquito is carrying a virus, it could spread to you when you get bitten.
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