Signs You May Be Facing a Ladybug Infestation

Posted by David Outhous on Nov 27, 2019 8:00:00 AM

If you live in the Appalachian Mountains or any of the other mountain ranges in the United States, you might find yourself battling ladybugs in home. They come out of the woods in the fall to look for places to hibernate and are attracted to light-colored buildings. These pests are not the friendly ladybugs you might have played with when you were a kid. These are Asian lady beetles that were introduced to control aphids and other bugs and are not native to this country. Once they get in your house, they’re difficult to get rid of.

These ladybugs release pheromones to attract their friends, which stinks, but not as bad as their blood. Scaring them by picking them up causes them to release their yellow blood, which is what stinks. And if you squish them, they smell worse. The stinky blood is meant to scare off predators.

Ladybug Infestation Causes

Ladybug infestation causes include having older wood homes, light-colored homes, houses in wooded areas, and any house that the sun warms up. They come out of their feeding and living areas in the too look for a warm place to hibernate for the winter. Once a few find a nice spot in your warm house, they release the pheromones to attract more ladybugs, which results in an infestation.

Generally, they don’t lay eggs in the house, and they don’t chew your house up like termites do. And, they usually don’t carry disease. But, they are annoying and do bite.

How to Get Rid of Ladybugs

When do ladybugs come out? You’ll see them year ‘round, but they generally swarm in the fall before the cold hits. You could get rid of them by vacuuming them up and disposing of them far away from the house. Other methods that might work include:

  • Planting mums around your house. They have a chemical that kills insects. That chemical is safe for your pets, according to

  • By putting bay leaves or cloves around your home – inside or out. These spices tend to repel many bugs, including ladybugs.

  • Lighting a citronella candle or using citrus oil. These oils remove the pheromone scent from your house, so will hopefully more ladybugs won’t be attracted.

  • Setting light traps. The bright light attracts the ladybugs. Once they get trapped, you can remove them from your house. Be sure to release them far away from your home in case any are still alive.

  • Diatomaceous earth is a type of silica that causes the ladybugs to dry out and die.

  • Plant lavender to repel ladybugs.

While you can use pesticides in your house, many of them do not kill ladybugs and you risk suffering from side effects, including nausea, dizziness and headaches. You may use pesticides outside your house, though you’ll have more luck with professional-strength pesticides from RichPro Pest Management.

To keep ladybugs outside of your house, make sure any cracks around windows and doors are sealed and your roof vents have screens. Check the screens on your windows and doors to make sure they don’t have holes in them.

Contact RichPro Pest Management

If you are being overrun with ladybugs, contact RichPro Pest Management to help you get rid of the swarms. Before you have us come out, make sure your windows, doors and screens are sealed or repaired.