Mosquito Control Methods: Residential vs. Commercial

Posted by David Outhous on Jul 5, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Mosquitoes are the bane of our existence. They invade your space as if they own it. And then, since they are not happy with other food sources, they have to bite you. That red, itching bite is annoying because you are having an allergic reaction to the pest’s saliva. While that is a minor inconvenience, the diseases mosquitoes transmit are not — and could be fatal. Mosquitoes are carriers of several diseases, including West Nile virus, Zika virus, meningitis and a host of others. Not only do these pests make us sick, but they can also transmit diseases, including heartworm, to our dogs.

Why Home Remedies to Kill Mosquitoes Are Not Effective

Most home remedies don’t actually kill mosquitoes — they lure them away from you or make it unpleasant to bite you. Burning pinion wood, planting mosquito control plants, such as lemon-scented geraniums, or spraying a stale beer mixture just make it unpleasant for them. They will continue laying eggs and hatching.

While home remedies, which are not mosquito control products, may keep mosquitoes away from you while you are enjoying a backyard barbecue, they won’t keep them away from your pets. While most of these remedies won’t stop them from laying eggs and hatching, along with removing the mosquitoes’ breeding grounds, you could try some of these home remedies to help keep new mosquitoes from flying into your yard and pestering you.

You could try spreading coffee grounds in any standing water to try to kill the mosquito eggs. The coffee grounds cause the eggs to float to the top, where they are deprived of the oxygen they get from the water. The eggs then die before they are able to hatch.

Instead of relying solely on many of these home remedies for mosquito control backyard, you could keep mosquitoes at bay by making sure you don’t have standing water around. For natural mosquito control, make sure all empty flower pots are turned upside down and that you don’t have used tires lying around. If you have birdbaths, either get rid of them or change the water in them on a daily basis. Make sure to wipe out the birdbaths before you refill them with water.

Adding plants that repel mosquitoes to your landscape, especially around the edges of your yard, could help reduce the population in your yard. And, contact RichPro Exterminating to spray for spiders, mosquitoes and other pests that love to invade your home and yard during the summer.

The Benefits of Professional Mosquito Control

Mosquito control chemicals keep mosquitoes away for longer than a few hours. Add them to some backyard mosquito control systems such as bug zappers and removing standing water to keep your backyard relatively free of mosquitoes all summer.

In addition to controlling mosquitoes, professional pest control gets rid of other pests such as spiders, termites, ants and other pests that harass you and your pets throughout the summer. The best time to spray is in the spring when you start seeing pests, and then again in the early summer to give your yard and home a boost from pests for the rest of the season.

Contact RichPro Pest Management

Contact RichPro Exterminating to schedule one of our pest technicians to come out and spray your home and yard so that you are protected for the summer from mosquitoes and more. Once we come out and spray, be sure you get rid of any standing water so that you don’t tempt mosquitoes to lay more eggs near your home.