Keep summer ants out of your virginia yard with these 5 ant-prevention tips

Posted by David Outhous on May 15, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Ants can become a real problem when they invade Virginia yards and homes. Some types of ants are more hazardous than others. A lot of ant activity usually occurs underground or in wooden structures. This tunneling will cause root damage that will result in dead patches of grass. 

You’ll also notice ant hills that make mowing rather difficult. This can be devastating when working so hard to have a beautiful lawn. But the damage doesn’t stop there. If ants are in your yard, they’ll likely enter your home if they can find a way in. Therefore, the initial goal should be to prevent ants from coming into your yard in the first place.

If you haven’t noticed ants in your Virginia yard yet, consider yourself lucky! It’s only the beginning of warm weather, however, so as we continue toward summer, the risk of infestations increases. As ants reproduce, they spread and hunt for more food sources. While this happens, they may end up on your lawn. RichPro wants to ensure that homeowners know how to keep ants out of their Virginia yards. Here are 5 prevention tips:
  1. Keep lawns well maintained. Ants tend to prefer dry soil, so keeping the lawn moist and using mulch in gardens can deter ants from entering.
  2. Move compost piles. A colony is likely to build homes and nests where there’s a food source nearby. Compost piles are an excellent meal source for ants. Perhaps try purchasing a compost bin that has legs and is set up high. The ants will be less able to get into a closed bin.
  3. Cover trash. Another food source is your trash. Ants will feast on a variety of human foods, so keeping the trash sealed tightly with a screw-on lid can prevent the feast.
  4. Try placing diatomaceous earth around your yard in places that are high in ant activity.
  5. Prevent them from entering your home. If ants are in your yard, they may be seeking food sources from inside the house. Be sure to seal off any openings that are allowing them in. This could be small gaps around door frames, cracks in the foundation, or small openings around vents. Close them off as best you can to keep ants out!
Be cautious when using DIY chemicals and ant-killing products in your yard, especially if children or pets play outside. Some may be toxic and harmful. If prevention practices have failed and you’re seeing ants in your Virginia yard and home, contact RichPro Pest Management. You can trust us to use the most effective treatment to eliminate the ants that have invaded. Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach will only target the necessary areas to ensure the safest plan of treatment. Take a look at our home pest control and contact us today to get started.