Is Pest Control Necessary During the Winter?

Posted by David Outhous on Nov 20, 2020 9:00:00 AM

With summer a quickly fading memory, you might think you can stop bothering with pest control concerns for a while. But without necessary prevention measures, winter pests can become a problem.

During the colder months, many pests may seek the warmth and food sources your home provides. They can gain entry to your house in a variety of ways, from small cracks and openings to hitching a ride in a grocery bag or secondhand appliance.

Some pests can cause structural damage as they build nests within your home. Rats and cockroaches can spread diseases or cause trouble for people with respiratory issues.

What types of pests can cause problems during the winter, and how can you best keep them out of your home?

Common Winter Pests

Understanding the types of pests that may try to invade your home is the first step toward winter pest control.

For most people, bugs seem to be more of a problem during the summer. However, certain insects will try their best to get inside your home as the weather turns colder and food sources become scarce. Among the insects that seek shelter indoors, German cockroaches and brown recluse spiders are among the most troublesome. Keep an eye out also for winged carpenter ants, cluster flies, fruit flies, bed bugs and others.

House mice — the most-common rodent in the United States — as well as Norway rats typically nest in basements, attics and piles of debris. Rats can gnaw through just about anything and may carry a number of diseases.

Raccoons, found in wooded areas, sometimes enter homes through chimneys or attics as they search for a place to build a den.

Pest Proofing Your Home

A good time for winterizing your home against pests is before you notice signs of an infestation.

To keep pests from getting inside, be sure to dispose of all trash and litter, which can attract roaches, ants and rodents. Likewise, rinse out your recyclables before tossing them into your bin.

Check your home for any visible gaps or cracks that might let pesky invaders get inside. By performing a thorough inspection — both inside and outside your home — you may spot some openings around windows and doors. Also check for any loose siding or shingles, gaps around pipes and utility lines, and foundation cracks.

After repairing any cracks or small openings, seal around doors and windows, and mend any tears or rips in screens.

Additionally, keep all food in sealed containers, and clean drains regularly to avoid buildup of debris that can attract pests.

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