How To Prep Your Home for Termite Season

Posted by David Outhous on Mar 23, 2020 9:00:00 AM

Getting ready for termite season may not be as fun as getting ready for a holiday season, but it can be a rewarding experience if you take the time to do it right. Termites are a dangerous force not just to your home, but to your very health. Termites tend to be the most invasive when the wood of the home makes direct contact with the soil surrounding the home. The termites that live in the dirt find a food source that they can follow straight into the structure. And even if the wood of your home has been pressure-treated, you're still at risk for termite damage. We'll look at how to get ready for this season so you're less likely to have structural problems.

When Do Termites Swarm?

In Virginia, the peak swarming time is between March and June, when the temperatures reach into the 70s. You're most at risk for termite swarms immediately following rain. There are a lot of myths about how termites function. For example, it takes a while before termites will start to do real damage to the home. They need to mate in considerable numbers (up to a million or more) before they stop swarming, but they will continue to be a threat to the home even after the termite colony is large enough for the bugs to stop reproducing. Some homeowners believe that termite prevention is largely impossible, due to the sheer size of termite colonies. However, there are things you can do that won't ruin your schedule or break your budget. 

How To Prepare For Termite Swarms

Here are a few key ways to get your home ready for the season:

  • Clean out your yard: This includes anything from firewood to vegetation around the house. The more wood near the home, the more chances the termites have to find their way inside. 
  • Close up the cracks: Any leaks or moisture will attract the termites inside, so now is a good time to seal up any leaks you may have in the home. Closing up the holes will also give termites one less way to enter. 
  • Call a pro: The truth is that expert exterminators can often spot both the hazards that can allow termite colonies to form and the signs of termites if they're already on the property. Their eyes are trained to see things that homeowners often miss. 

Contact RichPro Pest Management 

If you're looking for termite control masters, RichPro Pest Management is the answer. The signs of termite colonies are easy to miss because termites can invade anything from a crawlspace to the foundation. As mentioned above, it may take these little bugs some time before their effects are seen. By then though, the problem may have become so advanced that it's much more difficult to manage. We understand how termites work, mate, and live, and we know how to prevent them from entering your home as much as we know how to get rid of them once they do. When you call us, you're getting expert advice and service you can count on.