How Does Rodent Control Work?

Posted by David Outhous on Aug 19, 2019 9:00:00 AM

For rodent control to work, you have to be proactive in preventing them from re-entering your home. Rodents are dangerous in that they chew wires, drywall, flooring and insulation in your home and sometimes carry disease. Rodents are attracted to places with easy-to-get food such as the bag of chips in your cabinet. They are also attracted to leaky pipes because it’s an easy source of water for them.

The most common rodents you’ll find in your house are field mice, but you’ll also see house mice, roof rats and Norway rats. You need to know what you have to effectively treat an infestation or to get rid of one or two before they create an infestation.

Rodent Control Methods

Once you notice mice in your home, your first question is probably along the lines of, “How long does it take to get rid of mice?” It depends on the control methods you use. In addition to traps and poison, you also need to control the environment to make it less enticing for mice to enter your home. Some things you might do to help deter mice include:

  • Make sure your trash bins and compost bins are sealed. That goes for interior trash and compost bins and exterior bins. Keep the compost pile as far away from the house and other buildings as possible.

  • Keep piles of wood, lumber, firewood, boxes, gardening tools and anything else that could provide shelter for mice picked up and stored elsewhere. If it has to be stored outside, keep it as far away from your house and buildings as possible.

  • Keep pet food picked up and kept in sealed air-tight containers. Do not leave pet food and water out overnight.

  • Get rid of dense vegetation alongside the house.

  • Seal any cracks and other openings in your building and/or foundations. The doors, windows and screens should fit tightly. If you have any gaps where pipes run into the house fill them with steel wool and then seal them.

Rodents are always looking for a place with easy access to food and water that is also warm and dry. Blocking all access into your house goes a long way in preventing re-infestations. You may get rid of mice sooner than you think — but then see signs of them again. You may be seeing babies that have grown up and are now moving around. If you get all the rodents right away, getting rid of them could take a few days — or it could take months if they keep coming in or are breeding in your home.

Rodent Control Products

If you do have mice or rats in your home, several rodent control products are available to trap or kill the rodents. However, you have to know where to set the traps or you won’t catch the rodents. Traps are available in several types including live traps, sticky traps, electronic traps, snap traps and bait traps. If you have small children or animals, trapping is the best way as your pets or children could get into the poison.

Also, if a rodent eats the poison and then dies in the walls, your house is going to stink. If the rodent makes it outside, animals including dogs, owls and other carnivorous wildlife could be poisoned by eating a poisoned rodent.

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