Fall Pests That Should Be On Your Radar

Posted by David Outhous on Sep 18, 2020 8:00:00 AM

When the leaves start to change and the weather becomes cooler, you think about pumpkin spice, Halloween and Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, the rodents, cockroaches, spiders and other fall pests are thinking about eating, too – and finding a place to hide from the cold weather. That means it’s time to do the fall rodent control and pest-proofing to mitigate the chances of pests holing up in your home for the winter.

Fall Pest Proofing

In addition to spraying for fall pests and setting traps for rodents, fall pest control includes items you need to do around the house. Follow these pest prevention tips to mitigate infestations.

Clean the garage and yard. Remove any mulch, leaves, wet soil and other materials that pests love. Clean the shed or garage – make sure things are put away and any leaves that blew in are taken out.

Landscaping. Trim any trees and bushes that need it, especially those near the house. If you have shrubs right next to the foundation, cut them back enough so they are not touching the house. Branches that touch the house are like super highways for pests to get into your home.

Inspections. Look for nests in your basement or crawlspace. Nests of shredded material indicate that you might have a rodent problem. Also look for lines of ants. To find cockroaches, turn off the light for a few minutes, then turn it on and see if you can see them scurrying away.

Keep food in storage containers. The containers should be sealed and made of heavy plastic or glass.

Leaks. Locate and repair leaks or places where condensation builds up. Every living thing needs water, so you want to be sure to deprive pests of water so they’ll look for a home elsewhere.

Other things you can do to help mitigate pest problems include:

  • Seal any gaps where pipes and electrical lines enter the house, and any gaps in window and door frames.

  • Install a chimney screen to keep birds and other pests from coming down the chimeny.

  • Make sure firewood is far from the house.

  • Have your home inspected by a professional for signs of pests, including termites, spiders, cockroaches and rodents.

Get Rid of Fall Pests

Once you make it harder for the fall pests to get into your home, you now need to get rid of them. Rodents, especially mice, are hard to get rid of. You can put out several types of traps, including snap traps, sticky traps or bait traps. However, be careful of what you use if you have pets or if you have cats that hunt mice – snap traps are the safest.

If you don’t have pets or you have an area that pets cannot get to, you can use bait traps and sticky traps. Look for evidence of mice – their droppings, or places they’ve built nests out of paper, chewed clothing, insulation, or even pieces of wiring insulation. Put the traps near those places for the best results.

Contact RichPro Pest Management

If you cannot get rid of the mice and other pests or they keep coming back, contact RichPro Pest Management to set up a time where we can come inspect your home for pests. We’ll work with you to safely eradicate fall pests.

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