Bed Bugs: The Silent Invaders

Posted by David Outhous on Feb 12, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Bed bug infestations can happen to anybody, and once they occur they often cause tremendous stress to those impacted until the problem is resolved. Unfortunately, getting rid of bed bugs is exceptionally difficult; they hide well and can live for a very long time without feeding. Even more discouraging is the fact that over-the-counter insecticides are often not safe for your use in your and especially in the bedroom – the most common room affected by bed bugs.

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

Bed bugs are small insects that hide in the seams of mattresses, box springs, headboards, bed frames, walls, floors, suitcases, and floors. Most bed bug infestations start when you 1) bring used furniture or luggage into your home and later find that it was infested with bed bugs, or 2) stay in a hotel or other place infested with bed bugs and bring them home in your luggage and clothing.

Signs that your home may be infested by bed bugs include:

  • Visible bed bugs along the seams of your mattress or other areas
  • The skin sheds of bed bugs in your bedding
  • Small droppings in mattress seams or sheets
  • Small bloodstains on your sheets or mattress
  • Waking up with unexplained bites

Although bed bugs are not known to carry disease, they do feed on human blood and leave red, raised bites.

How Do You Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Eliminating bed bugs from your home without compromising the safety of yourself, your family, or your pets can be exceptionally challenging. In most cases, professional extermination services are the only way to completely eliminate bed bugs, but it some cases a multifaceted approach can help:

  • Wash all bedding and curtains in hot water
  • Declutter the room to remove any unnecessary furniture, clothing, and items
  • Scrub the seams of your mattress with a scrub brush to remove eggs that can’t be seen
  • Vacuum the floor and mattress as frequently as possible and throw away the vacuum bag outdoors after every use
  • Use a tight, zippered mattress cover for at least a year to prevent additional bed bugs from coming or going – they can live for a whole year without feeding

In the vast majority of cases – even if all of the steps above are taken – professional services are required to completely eliminate bed bugs.

Contact RichPro Pest Management

A bed bug infestation can make it challenging to sleep or even get comfortable during the day due to sore, itching bites. Perhaps even worse, bed bugs can have negative psychological effects on homeowners or renters who can’t get rid of them.

The three-step process at RichPro Pest Management in Glen Allen, Virginia, leaves you with peace of mind that your home is pest-free. First, the expert team at RichPro conducts a visual inspection to confirm that your infestation is bed bugs and not another pest (sometimes that happens) and gauge the severity of the problem. The treatment involves at least three home visits over a period of four to six weeks to apply safe insecticides and dusts to kill bed bugs and physically remove live and dead bed bugs from your home. About a month after treatment is complete, RichPro sends an inspector to make sure your home is permanently rid of bed bugs for your safety, comfort, and peace of mind.

To learn how to prevent bed bugs, how to get rid of bed bugs, or schedule your consultation, call RichPro, your local bed bugs control experts, today at 804-238-9192.

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